Where are you on your REKENREK journey?

Where are you on your REKENREK journey?

Amy How

Amy has provided workshops and training sessions to schools and staff in Egypt, Cyprus, Canada, Scotland, England, The Netherlands and Australia.

Amy is a Canadian who moved to the UK to pursue her dream of spreading the word globally on using the rekenrek. She has been a Primary teacher for 17 years in Canada as well as at an International school in the Netherlands. She has a Masters degree in Education and has taught Bachelor of Education maths courses at Acadia University. Amy is an author, presenter, primary maths specialist, SLE and university professor. She has an infectious passion and enthusiasm for teaching and will keep you engaged and entertained throughout the presentation.

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Rekenrek product demonstration

A discussion of using the Rekenrek with Atul Rana



Rekenrek 101 is written in a format that makes for a useful teacher resource: not too long; clear, concise and inspiring enough for readers to try the new ideas the next day in class. It is easy to follow and easy to navigate while demonstrating a simple change in practice that stays up with current trends. This is not a book on theory, but it is based on what the latest research is telling us.